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Livin’ Room

The Livin’ room style conservatory has become very popular in recent years as it allows the appearance of an Orangery but still allowing compliance to being deemed a conservatory therefore exempt from building regulations.  Therefore, a cost-effective method of achieving a modern extension for your desired needs.

The Edwardian is still the most sold conservatory in the UK today and while we show large impressive models here at Cadbury we are aware the average sized conservatory sold today measures 3 meters by 3 meters. This style maximises floor area and provides the greatest value addition to your home while still doing it in style. We show 3 meters by 3 meters here at Cadbury for our customers to test drive before buying.


The Victorian has become less sold in recent years but offers something different to the standard square it comes in several options three segments, five segments, seven etc.  Here at Cadbury we show a Woodgrain option in a five-segment style.


This is the mono pitch style and can achieve a very attractive look with either raked frames to the sides or hipped ends, here at Cadbury we show a hipped end Lean-to style and use it as a part of our office.

Lean-To or Sun lounge

These designs allow the building of a room with several areas and with that several uses within one. We use the P-Shape at Cadbury as our main office. We included with it a 3 meter x 3 meter Edwardian, this also allows us to set our furniture out to best serve the public while locating our 50-inch plasma screen on the wall to show our other products.

P-Shape and T-Shape 

We have several options of doors and windows here at Cadbury.

Aluminium powder coated duel colour Bi-Folds.

Doors & Windows

PVC-u Bi-Folds

French Doors Various Colour Options

Composite Front Door

Tilt and Turn Windows

Sliding Box Sash Upvc

Top Hung Options

Recently there has been a huge demand for solid roofs these are a very grey area as if you do not achieve 75% translucency in the roof the building no longer allows to be deemed a temporary structure and therefore exempt from building regulations.  We at Custom have had many meetings and are not entirely convinced that this will not cause future problems for our customers when they sell the property.  We looked at providing a fully functional extension that would comply with all current building regulations and SAP calculations without any compliance issues left with our customers further down the line.

Traditional Extensions

Current planning permission is permitted to be no larger than three square meters without consent, here at Custom we show a porch of these exacting dimensions to show you and allow you to test drive your options.  We show a traditional tiled roof and Composite door with leaded glazing to each side.  Options can be tailored to your specific needs.


Foiled products are available and we show several different options at our show site.  They give the appearance of traditional wooden products without the major maintenance that comes with such materials.  Planners have become more receptive to foils such as ‘’Chartwell Green’’ in heritage areas.


Currently we are in the process of developing our site to show the new Ultra Sky option by Ultraframe.  This allows a very modern contemporary feel allowing large areas of unobstructed glass.  Below this we have a 7 Meter Bi-Folding door showing just the sort of possibilities that are available using state of the art up to date building products.  We feel that it is essential to keep our team up to date with the latest developments within the industry and allow our customers to benefit from such modern developments.

Continued Site Development

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