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Glass & Roof

Our suggested roofing method is Pilkington Cervoglass, an advanced combination of specialised glass to make an unbeatable double glazed unit.


Diagram / Pilkington Cervoglass



Providing self-cleaning, solar control, thermal insulation and optimal light transmission. It is now available with improved thermal insulation and a U-value of 1.1.


Pilkington Activ™ Blue is a tinted glass that helps to keep internal temperatures

cooler in summer, whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance.


Pilkington Activ™ Neutral delivers similar solar control performance but without the blue colouration, in fact, the coating gives a slightly darker appearance which helps reduce transmission of light and heat from the sun making it a great choice for vertical glazing as well as roofs.


A special permanent, microscopic coating uses daylight and rainwater to break down and wash away organic dirt from the exterior surface, making it ideal for hard to reach places that are diffcult to clean, such as conservatory roofs.


Pilkington Cervoglass Activ™ not only beats any other glazing unit when it comes to roofng your conservatory, it also beats any polycarbonate option

too. As well as its attractive blue/neutral colour offering all the benefts of solar control, thermal insulation and self-cleaning technology, it also provides a clearer view, and reduced noise levels when it rains.




For some applications, a Polycarbonate roof is more appropriate, and Polycarbonate is a worthwhile consideration for those on a budget.


Polycarbonate is available in a wide range of colours and specifications to suit a wide range of applications.